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ZOOM has a business agreement with LOTOS Group, which is Poland National State Oil company. Lotos has fuel stations across Europe and their Lubricant product is being exported to more than 65 countries across the globe. Lotos is the producer of lubricants, industrial and base oils and greases. Products offered by Lotos Oil meets the requirement of the most demanding standards as they are produced with the latest technologies, under the supervision of Advanced Production Control System (APC). Lotos Oil have approvals granted by reputable car manufacturer such as Volkswagen, Daimler Chrysler, Volvo, BMW, Mercedes, Ford, Porsche, and meets quality standards according to API and ACEA. The main Product groups in the Lotos Oil portfolio are :

Lotos Quazar = Line of the latest generation Engine Oils
Lotos = Line of engine oil with thermal control formula
Lotos city = Line of Engine Oils
Turdus = Line of engine Oil for truck
Lotos auto cosmetics and operating fluids
Agrol = Product for Agriculture Gear Oils
Marinol = Line of marine oils
Industrial Oil = Compressor Oil, Hydraullic Oil, Gear Oil, Turbine Oil, Machine Oil and Greases

With the introduction of lubricants to its portfolio, ZOOM plans to cater to all kinds of customers including Automotive, High-Street and Industrial by meeting the national demand through products of international standards.

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