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Retail Networks, Distribution & Logistics

We have established a state-of-the-art network of 150+ Retail Stations within metropolitans of Punjab province, big cities & towns, national and provincial highways and Agri-rich pockets. All retail outlets are equipped with the latest quality equipment having the same standard of design and facilities for the ease of our customers.

Besides the franchise model, ZOOM has multiple company-owned & company-operated (COCO) retail outlets as its own brick & mortar design. Service level standards set at these COCO stations serve as a yardstick for all franchised outlets as a model.

This network is now growing rapidly after the recent completion of 2nd own storage facility at Machike, Sheikhupura a hub of POL storage in central Punjab while 3rd storage project is in full swing construction in Sindh. The number is planned to soar to 1000+ outlets in a short span of three years encompassing areas in Sindh, Punjab, KPK, AJK & GB.

We have the connectivity and supply agreement with the white oil pipeline. In addition to this, a fleet of continuously growing dedicated tank trucks is engaged in the delivery of our quality fuels across the network. The fleet comprises of vehicles that are compliant to Euro and OGRA standards, equipped with online tracking & pilfer-proof systems for monitoring safe and secure deliveries to our outlets.